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Hello ! Welcome to Our Website Design Course.Find Here a Completely Free Web Design Course That Will Teach a Beginner How to Get Professional Looking Websites.This Course was Made With Those in mind Who would Like to Start an Online Business or Those with an Existing Business wanting to create a Company Website to Increase Company sales by adding an Online Presence for Their Business.This Website Design Course is Also Good for anyone wanting to Develop The Skills to Become a Web Designer for Profession and/or a Hobby.

Website Design is The Basic Building Block for all Internet Business and is The Starting Point of any Internet Business

Learn How to Build Websites in Nice Easy Steps 123

Everything is Layed out in easy to understand terms that will take a Beginner to the Point that he can achieve Professional results in a short Amount of Time.When it Comes to Website Design Courses You will Find We Prioritized what is Really Important to Know and Left out a Lot of Filler and The Less “Main Stream” Knowledge of Things Like Joomlal,Drupal,perl,ect,,which are subjects not absolutely Necessary to building a Website.

To Keep this Website Design Course More Focused on New Students being able to Make Their Web Designs a Reality without Taking Forever to Learn We put Our Focus on What’s Important to Building a Professional Modern Website so We chose to Focus On:

How to Use WordPress

We Have Chosen to Focus on WordPress Training With Video

Wordpress Tutorials logo

WordPress There is No Subsitute

,becauseWordPress which is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) that has because of its ease of use and versatility is Now The “Platform of Choice” when building a Modern Website.Below is The List of The 3 Main Things You will Learn in This Website Design Course:

  1. WordPress Tutorials
  2. HTML Editor Tutorials and Training(WYSIWG)
  3. Gimp tutorials and Training (Photo Editing )

 Website Design from Beginner to Pro in Easy 123 Steps

Just Because We have Narrowed The Focus on what is Important in a Good Website Design Course to Help Shorten The Learning Curve for Beginningers don’t Worry We’ll also teach You Some of The Finer Points of Web Design

Also Included Are Links To FREE Website Design Software and Various Other FREE Resources

Fact is Like WordPress Which is a Free almost all The Training Will Involve Free resources When ever Possible.If you are Ready to Get Started Learning How To Build Websites Simply Use The Navigation Bar Up Top and On The Top Right Sign Up With Your First Name and E-Mail address and We’ll Keep You Up To Date on The Latest in Website Design and Resources and Software to Make It all Easy!


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